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Clinical Need

Intramedullary nails are used to fix fractures of the long bones, such as the tibia (shinbone) and femur (thighbone). The intramedullary nail market size is greater than $1.5billion worldwide and growing annually at 6%.

Research shows that small axial movements along the length of the bone help speed up healing, while twisting movements slow down healing.

The Apex Tibial Nail offers both controlled axial motion and very little twisting providing the optimum healing conditions at the fracture site reducing the healing time and time to patient weight bearing.

No other nail on the market gives surgeons the freedom to choose this ideal combination of flexibility and stability for their patients.

In addition to controlled axial micromotion and torsional stability the Apex Nailing system offers standard proximal and distal interlocking options  in an all-in-one product.

The Apex Nail Instrumentation Kit allows the surgeon assemble, insert and seat the nail quickly and easily with no change from accepted techniques.


Apex Tibial Nailing System

Tibia Fracture Treatment

The Apex Tibial Nail System is supplied with a state of the art implantation kit allowing nail implantation with virtually no change from existing techniques, but with increased options for the surgeon.

Bone screws can be placed in

  • Micromotion mode allowing up to 1mm of pure axial movement with no rotation
  • Proximally rigid through the use of an endcap that clamps all bone screws
  • Torsional stable dynamisation providing axial only movement
  • Standard cross locked mode

In addition three holes are provided distally to allow the surgeon place screws in medio lateral and anterior posterior orientations.


To develop and commercialize orthopedic devices that improve patient outcomes, increase surgeon accuracy & efficiency, and reduce costs to patients and the health care system.